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About Jayne Persico

Jayne Persico, a true glass artist, began her craft over 35 years ago when she discovered her talents to transform the common into the spectacular.

She quickly recognized the magical versatility of glass, concluding that no other material could rival the colors of semi precious gems.

Her exploration of fusing and working with semi precious gems led to her own line of art glass jewelry and handbags appearing in galleries and collections around the world.

Jayne is a frequent guest instructor on national television and has released several instructional videos on art glass.

Her work has been published in various art glass magazines. Jayne is the author of four books featuring glass techniques which she developed. She also designs and fabricates the tools that support her original techniques.

Jayne has shared her knowledge over the past twenty years through lectures and workshops conducted at studios throughout the USA and Europe. She was honored to be included amid a select group of artists who teach for The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY.

A highlight of Jayne's career was receiving an invitation to work at the prestigious Waterford Crystal Factory in Ireland. Here she collaborated with Waterford designers and craftsmen to incorporate her designs into their famous crystal.

Her passion and creativity is the driving force behind her success as a teacher, promoter, innovator, progressive business woman and above all a serious artist.

Her individual style leaves an impression on everyone and her commitment to high fashion design and craftsmanship is represented in her work. She's a diverse artist with intense feelings evident in each and every one of her designs.

New inspirations are always on Jayne’s horizon. Her unique vision enables her work to rise above traditional glass art.