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Kiln Formed Bracelet Book

Jayne Persico presents… Kiln Formed Bracelets

Renowned artist and instructor Jayne Persico, unlocks the mysteries behind the creation of 3-dimensional art glass bracelets in her new book Kiln Formed Bracelets. Jayne is the originator of the specialized techniques and tools for this unique kiln forming process and now readers will benefit from her experience as she reveals her secrets using action photos and easy to understand instructions. Jayne's first book Innovative Adornments offered an introduction to fused glass and wire jewelry techniques and this book builds on the strength of that foundation.

This 80-page book offers 13 chapters covering tools, sizing, preparation, bracelet forming, adjustments, embossing, cane fabrication, pattern bar making, plus much more. You will find tips and expert advice scattered throughout the book to clarify specific concepts that will help the reader achieve the best results. These bracelets are beautiful and intriguing and they offer glass fusers and jewelry makers a delightful way to expand their skills and amaze their clients and friends.

255 Color Photos
80 Pages