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Casting with Colour De Verre

Workshop Description:

One-Day Course

Explore the foundations of Pate de Verre with designer-innovator Jayne Persico as she presents Colour de Verre, the basics of this ancient and re-emerging art. With a concentration on the basics of color development and mold filling, Jayne will provide you with an invaluable background for making exquisite pate de verre jewelry and components. In this hands-on course you will discover the right way to mix your own glass colors, create color gradations, and how to develop your own palette to work from. Finally, you will learn the process for filling the pre-made molds (supplied) to make beautiful jewelry and components. Molds will be fired at the end of the class and you will leave with a thorough understanding of this exciting, time-honored technique.

Two-Day Course
Innovator, Jayne Persico will present the basic foundations of the ancient and re-emerging art of Pate de Verre. She will provide you with an invaluable background for making exquisite pate de verre components that will be incorporated into a beautiful sculptural glass forms. This workshop will focus on the process of color development, mixing, weighing and filling the component molds with frit. It will also cover mold preparation and firing schedules. After the components are cast they will be fused onto a base piece of glass and slumped into plates or bowls. It will also cover designing with glass dams. This is an intermediate class requiring some fusing experience.

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